Zero +

Seven swords over a river flowing
Fourteen teeth of a dog on a chain
Five wayward young women going
Ten more miles deeper in shame
Three o'clock in the morning
Six inches of snow
In two hours the cock will be crowing
And four of you will have to go

Two young girls dressed as angels
Each with two eyes of fire
Three points of light reflecting angles
Make the two appear as five
Three crows a crowing
Two swan do swim
One hangman sings two verses
Of an old old hymn

Eleven wolves on a hillside howling
At the one full moon on high
Seven stars all surrounding
The one moon in the midnight sky
Twenty questions for asking
Zero answers the tongue
Nine eyes seen a peeking
Five minds feeling numb

One woman mirrored in the water
From the eight lights above
Eight brass rings divided by her fingers
Plus two more divided by her thumbs
Two maids come a milking
Three hawk do fly
One farmer wakes from sleeping
To bid you all good night

-Rob McNurlin

Buffalo Skinner Music BMI