I Dreamed I Saw Woody Guthrie

I dreamed I saw Woody Guthrie last night  a walkin' down the road
An old guitar slung 'cross his back and other heavy loads
On his heart a burden for every down trod man
In his mouth a song of love for all the land

Last night I dreamed of Woody Guthrie alive as you or me
He died way up in New York town ,we cried down in Tennesse
He took me through the dust bowl before he died in '67
Close my eyes late at night and hear him ride a frieght up in Heaven

Says I to Woody "they say your dead", "I'll never die" says he
" As long as theres still folks around who think like me
As long as you can ride these rods and walk the open road
I'll live inside the hearts and souls of all those who have hope"

I dreamed I saw Woody Guthrie last night and I woke with a smile
To know that he is still alive in the hearts of every child
To know that he will always live as long as people sing
As long as there is one soul left who believes we should be free

- Rob McNurlin, Jack Elliott, John Flavell, John Carter Cash
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI