White Line

I pulled out of Topeka , an empty rig and empty heart
Thoughts of you the only load I have
Midnight in Columbus , I stop off for a bite
I walk in and sit down towards the back

I just order coffee , seems I've lost my appetite
My mind seems to wander now and then
I tip the waitress and climb back on board
I can't wait to hear those tires spin

     The white line is the main line to keep you off my mind
     Not the cocaine , the caffeine , Kentucky weed or wine
     I keep rollin' forward to forget what lies behind
     The white line is my main line to keep you off my mind

Pink sky up ahead , I'll drive into the sun
You know old habits are hard to kick
I don't know where I'll run when this run is done
But I know the road will give me another fix

- Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI