The Road Rules

Theres no rules on the road , thats why the road rules
Theres fools on the road but the road can't be fooled
The road stole my heart and soul long ago ,now I know
The road rules

An outlined , whitelined ,black ribbon lifeline
That leads down the path of time to the future it seems
From four lane blacktop to two lane truck stop
Over the next hill you'll fulfill all your dreams

From sunrise to sunset ,supper to breakfast
The wide open roads never closed it's always open wide
You can walk it , you can talk it but buddy don't you balk it
It can turn and burn and leave you without a ride

The wind in your hair and the feeling that theres
More here to life than the cards you hold in your hand
Sailing the asphalt sea in luxury , on the bum with your thumb
Theres freedom in crossing the land

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI