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" My brother on the hillbilly highway" - Marty Stuart

"More than many practitioners, he grasps the fundamental truth of real folk music: that it only looks simple. McNurlin knows better. The old is new in his capable hands, and dead voices rise to pass their tales on to the living. It's all here: wisdom, folly, tragedy, love, hope, the beckoning road." - Jerome Clark , Amazon.com

"a cowboy prophet"  - Vanessa Kaukonen,the Fur Peace Ranch

"He holds his heart to pure music"- John Carter Cash

"...personifies the troubador spirit of Woody Guthrie" -Larry Groce , Mountain Stage

"...wonderfully literate songs" - Relix Magazine

"...learning the ropes from Ramblin' Jack but with a style all his own...commanding voice..."- Brian Williams , The Columbus Dispatch

"...my favorite cowboy troubador..." - Bob Wilson , huntingtonnews.com

"... the real deal" - Bill Wence

"...one of the best American troubadors" - Remo Ricaldone, Happy Trails, Italian Radio

"I love this record"- Rik James, Americana Backroads ,KGLT-FM, Bozeman MT

"This is a great piece of work" - Chris Darling, Us Folk, WMPG , Portland Maine

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