Do You Remember Me ?

Has your  voice changed ? Is your hair still the same ?
Almost black with long bangs
Over the shoulder on one side
Do you still have that sweater with the red and white stripes ?
and oh, do you remember me ?

Are those old records still on the stereo ?
Do you still go to church where you used to go ?
Gave me your number but I never called
Are you still single or you got a mother in law ?
and oh ,do you remember me ?

Gave me a rough ride off of the road
Thought things about you I never told
I see your papa every few months
I thought I caught a glimpse of you once
and oh ,do you remember me ?

    You ain't no idol girl and you ain't gold
    All you are girl is flesh and bone
    Your the best that these eyes have seen
    Do you remember me ?

Never seen an angel but I know they're there
Surrounding me with love and care
Workin' hard to keep me from sin
I can feel 'em brush up against me when I think of your grin
and oh , do you remember me ?

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI