Play Mini Roulette Online

Are you the type of person who just loves little things? Are you getting a kick out of tiny animals, miniature model airplanes, and those tiny little hats that you put on dogs to make you laugh? Then you might like our new mini roulette, but it will probably be for a completely different reason.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the frenzy of a roulette wheel, then let this edition blow you away because it really is something fantastic. In fact, this is likely the exact opposite of what you’d expect.

Games are going faster, the odds of winning are skewed, and your traditional betting strategy has gone right out the window. What are you doing with this interesting new version and what for heaven’s sake is it already? Mini roulette at our online casino is exactly what it sounds like for a miniature version of everyone’s favorite wheel game. There are numbers one through 12 and then there is the zero point as usual.

You can place bets on the table side of the board. Hit a single number or use a new strategy. Keep in mind that your old strategy won’t work here due to the different probabilities you are now working with to combine sets of numbers for the ultimate betting profile. Whichever way you want to bet, it’s your business. Just do it, then press Spin so you can see the pint-sized wheel in action. The functions are the same as usual. You can change the chip name by clicking on a chip with a different color. Most of all, have fun with this interesting new online casino game version today.

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