Oh Baby

Oh baby , whats that in your hand ?
Is there a tear on your cheek , have you lost your man ?
Your face is lookin' flushed ,  eyes lookin' dim
Has your pilot light gone out since you can't find him ?

Oh baby are you all alone
With the monkey paw your keys hang on ?
Ones for the car , ones for the door
Ones for the heart you don't use anymore

Oh baby theres no need to howl
There ain't a thing in the world you can do about it now
Hind sight is twenty-twenty but you couldn't see a thing
Even when there was plenty to be seen

         Are you gonna try again, do you think you might ?
         Don't answer now wait 'til late at night
         Wait 'til your alone to make up your mind
         You can replay the past time after time

Oh baby are you gonna throw in the towel ?
Is this the curtain call , your final bow ?
The last hurrah ? The reading of the will ?
Is the jig up ? Have you paid the bill ?

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI