The Ballad of Maybell

She walked in the restaurant lookin' like a roach
Dark sunglasses ,hat and overcoat
Seated at a table right next to mine
She had a nervous twitch and a smile so sublime
Before she could order I said kinda mild
"Join me for dinner and we'll catch a movie afterwhile"

She moved her chair over next to me
We shared a menu and sipped iced tea
The waiter brought the main course and lemon meringue pie
Both of us seemed to be havin a good time
I asked for the check and left a big tip
We strolled out the door walkin' hip to hip

We walked down the block a movie for to see
She said the Terminator was showing on TV
We went to her house I sat down on the couch
She popped up some pop corn and dumped it out
Into a bowl on the coffee table
I asked her  name and she told me it was Maybell

I watched the movie though I'd seen it before
With Maybell there it wasn't so boring
I finished off my pop corn and finished off my Coke
When Maybell started laughing like I'd told some kinda joke
I looked at her like she'd gone insane
But she just kept a laughin' in a tone so deranged

The movie was over and it was gettin' late
She was still laughin' when I asked for another date
Gigglin' she said "I'll show you the way out"
And just to stop her laughin' I kissed her on the mouth
She said "theres somethin' you oughtta know before we go out again
I've been a woman for years but I used to be a man"

I went runnin' down the road wakin' up the town
Tryin' to figure out what had just gone down
The moral I discovered comes in many forms
People sometimes change from when they are born
You can't judge a book by lookin' at the cover
And be very careful who you choose for a lover

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI