Lotta Good Men
Talkin' X-Communist Hoopla Blues
Do You Remember Me?
Ha Ha Ha
Headin' Down the Valley
The Ballad of Maybell
Strip Poker Waltz
City Blues
Bottle of Yahoo
King of Hearts
The Monkey Song

Cowboy Boot Heel
Bootleg Medicine
Blood on the Saddle
Powder and Lead
Oh Baby
Hard at Best
The Road Rules
Dragon Lady
I Dreamed I saw Woody Guthrie
In the Pony's Stall
Shotgun Shack
Funeral Train
Closest to Hell

Zero +
Tender Maidens Warning
Sometimes When I'm Lonesome
Best Black Western Suit
The Hungry Eye
Lonesome Valley Again
Blowin' Outta Town
Cupids Last Laugh
Deep Deep is the Blue
Honest as Water
Lions Den
Bag O' Bones

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