Lions Den

Blowin' on that sacred harp , tears flowin' from my heart
I'm a man on a cross
Tie railroad track in the night, trade ya all my wrong for right
I'm feelin' a little lost

No need to reminisce, please don't mark me of the list
Shine a light my way
No need to part the sea, I just need some company
It's been a lonesome day

Oh it's me again , you know your my only friend
Save me , I'm in the lions den

Seems theres always time to burn, the work these idle hands have spurned
Its drawing nigh to dusk
As that last light fades , the ghost leaves , the dust awaits
All my treasure turns to rust

Far away on a hillside green, a quiet spot so serene
Can I rest my bones ?
Bathed in Your healing oil, blood and water applied to the soul
Can I please come home ?

- Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BM