The Hungry Eye

Tragedy haunts you, nobody wants you
Since you've been tatooed and all
There is no pity in country or city
Your surrounded by walls
Of your own building and your own doing
And your own making of hands
The foundation you laid ,leads to the grave
It was built on the sand

The coroner eyes you ,he thinks your the prize who
He has hunted from birth
I caught him off gaurd, in the back yard
Searching out the whole earth
I've seen the kings and the great queens
Bleeding beside of the road
I couldn't bend the wounds wouldn't men
I could not help carry the load

Of all the treasure they'd mixed together
With incense maps and bones
From the pillage of the last village
Where they'd burnt out all the homes
Like a train on a track without looking back
Eating up all in there wake
Showing no malice ,there hands thick and callused
From the things they did take

Melted down silver placed in a quiver
Mercury , gold and chains
Of those left with no sign of breath
No one remembers the names
A burned out school ,a stagnet pool
A skull in a magnetic field
Old boots and a garter, a diploma from Harvard
An image we cannot rebuild

A rose and a thorn , a time to be born
A time to die like a man
In between, pain and restraint
A time to be making your plans
You had to rush ,first biting the crust
To find it sweeter than pie
The ladies all blushed and I know you must
Have seen it by the look in your eyes

Exotic fans , held in the hands
Of lily white maids of the east
They may distract you and hide the fact you
Missed out on the big feast
Once you were in clover, now its all over
You've crawled back to reality
Refuse the blame ,cast off the shame
Throw it back to the sea

Full of the fishes and mens wishes
Forgotten so long ago
Sailed over and under and blasted by thunder
Try and conquer the warm waters flow
You may be cleansed or get the bends
'til your sicker than sick
Mermaids and sharks ,sirens on rocks
I don't know all of the tricks

Two irons in the fire ,one is a liar
No one is loyal to both
Its a decision of which division
Is most important for growth
So study the books and call for the cooks
To prepare one more meal
And at this setting ,perhaps they'll be letting
You stay til you eat your fill

copyright  Rob McNurlin
Buffalo Skinner Music BMI