King of Hearts

Do you know the pain ? Can you rise above ?
Can you abstain ? Can you hide your love ?
Will you walk the wire to infinity
And cross the fire to the crystal sea ?
Can you pay the cost, can you afford
To taste the blade of the double edged sword ?

Have you tamed the dragon that lies within
The darkness and the hearts of men ?
Caves of despair and streets of the blind
Echo the reality of the mind
Can you stand the punch of the spirit unseen ?
Will you waste your life or live the dream ?

Have you been to the canyon of the unknown ?
Crossed the desert and touched the bones
Of the jackal and the sphinx in the painted sand
Have you dug out the marrow and held it in your hand ?
Is your telescope focused on a star in the east ?
Have you made war or have you made peace ?

Will you deeds stand alone next to the Son ?
Will the fire burn everything you've done ?
Goodness is in the beholders eyes
You are blind and so am I
Do you think your covered by the stars and bars ?
Have you come to know the King of Hearts ?

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI