Headin' Down the Valley

I don't need no hoodoo , I don't need the voodoo
I don't need the mojo babe the way that you do
I don't need the mojo , hoodoo or voodoo
Most of all honey I don't need you

You can have your deck of cards and your mojo hand
You can have your witchdoctors and your hoodoo man
I don't like the devil and he not be my friend
You'll find out he's not yours in the end

Jesus be the light and the only way
He gonna lead us to eternal day
He is the Son on whom we can depend
Out of all the others He be your only friend

You can wave your hindu staff and rattle them bones
I'm headin' down the valley I'm leavin' on my own
The darkness in here smells like doom
I'm goin' where the sunshines and the flowers bloom

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI