Ha Ha Ha

Waltzing through a lifetime ,parasites abound
They'll curse you when your standing up and kick you when your down
Suck you soul for what its worth ,never place themselves in jeopardy
Beg you to come go with them, then politely ask you to leave
Cause your shoes ain't right and your hair ain't right
They don't like your cds
You don't read the right magazines
and you like poetry

Ha Ha Ha they're laughing at me Ma ,Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha they're laughing at me Ma, Ha Ha Ha

You've got your own drum to play go on and hit it hard
You don't have to play their game with their deck of cards
I won't march in their parade or pay their dance band
They ain't the ones that feed me so I can bite their hand
I don't talk right or walk right
I'm just a hillbilly
But they don't keep me up at night
I don't care what they believe

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI