Cupids Last Laugh

Robin blue amphetamine eyes
I always thought she was one of the guys
Says she listened to Little Willie John
Oh man shes comin' on strong

Suede boots , black blue jeans
In an innocent way she's so obscene
A practitioner of practical math
Seems like cuip always gets the last laugh

      Oh Love is a curse
      To live without love ,must be worse
      Oh this is surely a dream
      Things like this don't happen to me

Red shirt with polka dots
Electricity keeps her hot
Never ever have I seen her like this
Must be the weather in here I guess

She requests songs I can't even play
Trys to lead me to an early grave
Sometimes I see her and shes cold as ice
Next time she be oh so nice


Carries an owl head in her boot
She'd pull it out but it don't shoot
Her razors sharp as Brigitte Bardow
Where she hides it I don't know

She used to jump jukes down at the joint
Now I see her from a different point
Of view in the back of my mind
By choice its far far behind

copyright Rob McNurlin
Buffalo Skinner Music BMI