Talkin' X -Communist Hoopla Blues

If you wanna be a Communist ,your chances are gettin' less and less
Freedoms ringin' in the air, just about everywhere
Except for China and uncle Fidels door
There ain't no Communists no more

Communism was bound to fall just like the Berlin wall
They put it up but it fell down,now the Commies ain't around
Can't think of anybody to hate
Gonna have to lay off the CIA

Whoopi and yee-ha , them x-commies are on our side
Hope they don't change there minds and try to undermine
The country
Some say its a plot

Some say once a Commie your always red but them folks are talkin' outta their head
They need to take a look at me,cause I used to be
A hillbilly
Now I'm a folk singer
You see how things can change

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI