Bootleg Medicine

Vivian left the orphanage at the age of thirteen
She was older when she hit the city but still a little green
Then she up and sold herself on the auction block she stood
No one tried to help her I guess no one really could
By the time she was twenty she'd seen to many men
She'd been bought and sold like bootleg medicine

Mr. Johnsons daughter grew older but she was still his little girl
And in everything she did her dad was oh so proud of her
Then she ran away with that bad boy down the road
Now he just sits alone at home growing old
The tears and the years have wiped away his proud grin
And he just drowns his sorrows in bootleg medicine

That drunkard on the street remembers all the places that he's been
As he sits beside the church house and listens to the old gospel hymns
The tears flow down his cheek but his pride won't let him bend
"Jesus is Tenderly Calling " they sing but the drunkard turns Him down again
He could be saved if he'd only turn from sin
And never touch a bottle of bootleg medicine

This old world is a funny place people don't let it get you down
Just around the corner friends happiness may abound
So if you settle down or if  you continue to roam
Remember home is where your heart is so you'll know your always home
Keep your spirits high and always guard your shins
And never touch a bottle of bootleg medicine

-Rob McNurlin
copyright Buffalo Skinner Music BMI